Kansas City, MO Blizzard Impacts Region – 11/25/2018

Video of the blizzard from Kansas City Mo. Shots of KCI airport, slideoffs and shoppers near a Walmart.
Shot Description

First set of clips is near the Kansas Speedway advising of blizzard conditions. Next set of shops are near the KCI airport with many canceled flights. Third set of shots shows travelers trying to enter the airport in blizzard conditions. Fourth set of shots shows travelers trying to reschedule flights at the Southwest counter. Fifth set is the near whiteout conditions on the runways/taxiways. Sixth set of shots are of slideoffs with no injuries along I29 that is shutdown just north of here. Seventh set is shoppers trying to enter the local Walmart. Eighth set is of Walmart workers having difficulty pushing carts back into the store.

SID: Steve Polley


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