Southern PA Flooding And Evacuations – 7/25/2018

During the evening hours of July 25, 2018 heavy rains continue to impact much of the south central Pennsylvania area. Roads continue to be flooded and in some areas homes are being evacuated. Some evacuations are voluntary where others are mandatory.
Shot Description

Hanover, Pa :

Clips 1 : A section of Cannery Road is flooded and the driver of a 4×4 pickup decides to drive through anyway.

Clip 2 : A section of Cannery Road flooded.


Spring Grove, Pa

Clip 3 : Flash flooding at Little Creek Road & PA Rt 116

Clips 4 – 8 : Multiple views of traffic driving slowly on PA Rt 116. Road overwhelmed by a sudden flash flood


Hummelstown, Pa

Clips 9 – 12 : Pressure from Swatara Creek rising is causing water from storm drains out of drainage systems and back into storm drains.

Clips 13 – 14 : Police and fire personnel escort utility workers into area under evacuation from rising Swatara Creek on Joyce Lane.

Clip 15 : Homeowners leaving evacuated area with some belongings

Clips 16 – 18 : Swatara Township Police cruisers (wide, medium, tight)

Clip 19 : Close up of Utility 49 for Swatara Township Fire Dept.

SID: J Marc Harris

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