Ellis County, KS School Damage and Flooding – 7/25/2018

Severe storms hammered parts of northern Kansas with damaging winds and torrential rains. Those storms severely damaged a school in the town of Ellis and flooded streets in nearby Hays. Both towns in Ellis County along I-70.
Shot Description


PART 1 0:00-1:46 Ellis, Kansas (after the storm)

First part of the video package includes storm damage from Ellis, Kansas. Includes shots of damaged St. Mary’s School that lost most of its roof and had a partial collapse of the back wall. Clips included are the roof in the parking lot as well as the back wall collapse. The church next door was also damaged, losing several windows.

Scenes 1-2: Establishing shots of school with Ellis County/Ellis City police on scene.

Scene 3-7: Clips of roof debris in the parking lot.

Scene 8-9: Clips of the main building with visible roof damage hanging over the side.

Scene 10-13: Various clips of partially collapsed back wall with bricks littering the ground.

PART 2 1:46-4:51 Hays, Kansas (during the storm, immediately after)

Second part of the video is of the storm as it rolled into Hays, 15 miles east of Ellis and includes footage of the storm rolling in, torrential rains and wind in town, then some of the street flooding as many roads took on several feet of water.

Scene 14-15: Clips of very ominous clods rolling into Hays.

Scene 16-21: Clips of traffic in the high winds and torrential rains.

Scene 17: POV driving down flooded road in Hays.

Scene 18-22: Various clips of traffic during the storm navigating through flooded streets.

Scene 23-25: Clips of white pickup truck driving through two feet of water in a Hays neighborhood.

Scene 26-28: Clips of water racing down street looking like a river.

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