Yuma, AZ Excessive Heat Warning, Temps 118F – 7/24/2018

Yuma, AZ was feeling a lot like Death Valley, CA this afternoon as the outside air temperatures were officially up to 117F but around down, they got up to 118F to 121F on various temperature readouts.

Footage from 4th Avenue and Ocean Bridge area.
Shot Description

Clip 1, Display on the phone showing it was 116F outside.

Clip 2, Display on the vehicle mirror showing it is 121F outside.

Clip 3-6, Footage of a bank sign showing the time and temp at 5:00 PM was 116F

Clip 7-8, Traffic

Clip 9, Tree blowing in the hot wind

Clip 10, Tree blowing with temp sign on the right

Clip 11-13, Temp sign showing it was 118F

Clip 14 Traffic

Clip 15 Traffic and temp sign

Clip 16 Traffic with mountains in the background

Clip 17 – 18 People in the Colorado River trying to beat the heat under the Ocean to Ocean Bridge

Clip 19 Yuma sign on the Ocean To Ocean bridge as a train passed through the shot on a train bridge next to the Ocean Bridge.

SID: Jesse Watson

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