Fort Lauderdale, FL Evening Severe Storms – 7/22/2018

Severe thunderstorms roll through the Fort Lauderdale area, bringing dangerous lightning, torrential downpours, and wind damage to the area.
Shot Description

Shot 1: A couple has to climb over a fence that has suddenly collapsed in powerful winds as severe storms roll through Fort Lauderdale.
Shots 2-3: Tourists quickly get out of a hotel pool, as lightning and torrential downpours roll through Fort Lauderdale.
Shot 4: Timelapse sequence of lightning over the Fort Lauderdale skyline.
Shots 5-6: Torrential rains falling in Fort Lauderdale.
Shot 7: Traffic driving down A1A on Fort Lauderdale Beach as torrential rains fall.
Shot 8: Torrential rains falling.
Shots 9-10: Lightning illuminating the skies over Fort Lauderdale.

SID: Scott McPartland

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