Harrisburg, PA – Heavy Rain and Wind Cause Utility Outages – 7/4/2018

Strong storms explode over many areas of Pennsylvania on this Independence Day of 2018. Heavy rains, dangerous lightning and gusty winds cause delays and some damage to many areas.
Shot Description

New Cumberland, Pa (except clip 3 – Camp Hill, Pa)

Clips 1 – 3 : darkening skies with cloud to ground lightning strikes

Clips 4 – 6 : Heavy rains starting, 3 trucks in background, truck on right has wipers turned on (Wide, medium, tight )

Clips 7 – 9 : Rain water on parking lot flowing into storm drain, vehicle driving through rain water & over storm drain (wide, medium, tight)

Clips 10 – 12 : Large amount of rain water coming out of storm drains from side of building. (wide, medium, tight)

Clips 13 – 16 : Front of New Cumberland, Pa Fire Dept, American flag at half-staff soaked by heavy rains, fire truck & ambulance responding to call.

Clips 17 – 18 : Roadway under bridge covered in water, 2 vehicles driving through water covered roadway

Clips 19 – 21 : PPL Utility truck, PPL worker opening door of utility truck removing protective gear (medium, tight, wide)

Clip 22 : Fire police directing traffic at closed road, PPL utility truck & workers preparing to haul up new utility line. (wide to tight shot)

Clip 23 : Utility line being hauled up

Clip 24 : PPL Utility worker fixing utility line

Clip 25 : Man watching PPL utility workers make repairs

Clip 26 : Two PPL workers rolling up cable

Clip 27 : People out walking dog in light rain, fire policeman watching utility repairs

Clip 28 : Close up of blue emergency lights flashing, wipers on and light rain on windshield.

SID: J Marc Harris

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