Maui, HI Wildfire – 7/3/2018

A wildfire spread through a sugar cane field southeast of Kahului, HI, on Hwy 37. The fire quickly grew, and the smoke plume blocked out the sun on the island.

The video shows the powerful wildfire, and fire suppression efforts. The video also captures the sound of the burning sugar cane as the fire rages near the road.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide shot of helicopter dropping water onto the fire.

Shot 2: Medium shot of helicopter dropping water onto the fire.

Shot 3: Tight shot of wildfire burning, with chopper departing early in the shot.

Shot 4: Medium tracking shot of helicopter bringing and dropping water onto fire.

Shot 5: Medium shot of fire department coordinating and blocking road.

Shot 6: Tight shot of helicopter dropping water onto the fire.

Shot 7: Wide tracking shot of helicopter dropping water further down the fireline.

Shot 8: For Audio! – Medium shot showing wildfire burning near road, while audio captures dramatic sound of sugar cane crackling as it burns.

Shot 9: Medium driving shot showing how expansive the wildfire was and the aftermath it left.

Shot 10: Medium shot of fireline, showing numerous locations with flames.

Shot 11: Medium driving shot of fireline, showing thick black smoke.

Shot 12: Tight shot of fire beside the road while.

Shot 13: Driving shot, showing fire burning in trees beside the road.

Shot 14: Police car driving on shoulder against traffic with lights on.

SID: Brandon Sullivan

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