Fishkill, NY – Extensive storm damage cleanup – 5/16/2018

Damage cleanup from the previous day’s severe wind damage in Fishkill NY. Hundreds of trees were blown down, blocking roads and knocking out power. Cleanup continued this morning, with most of the town still without power. Shot Description SHOT 1: Panning shot of a large uprooted tree. SHOT 2 & 3: Road crews working to remove tree debris from the road. SHOT 4, 5, 6: Telephoto and wide shots of power crews working to restore downed power lines. SHOT 7: A spray-painted sign at a factory saying “NO POWER”. SHOT 8: Zoom-out shot of a traffic light with no power, with cars taking turns passing through the intersection. SHOT 9: One of many downed street signs near the I-84 exit for Rt 9 in Fishkill. SHOT 10: A damaged house covered in tree debris. SHOT 11 & 12: Driving by power crews working to repair downed power lines. SHOT 13: Distant shot of a worker on a cherry-picker truck working to repair power lines. SHOT 14: Panning shot of an uprooted tree with one of many traffic detours around blocked roads. SHOT 15: A farmer’s cart blown over in the intense winds. SID: David Lewison

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