Burning Power Lines And Wind Damage – New Fairfield, CT – 5/15/2018

Powerful winds and a possible tornado slammed the Northeast states. In rural western CT, the intense winds downed dozens of trees, making most roads in the area impassible.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A downed tree prevents traffic from passing.
SHOT 2: Slow drive-by of a power line on fire.
SHOT 3: Steady shot of a power line smoking and on fire.
SHOT 4: Drive by as people are walking down the traffic lanes with downed tree on power lines.
SHOT 5 & 6: Firefighters work to block off a road that is impassible due to a fallen tree.
SHOT 7: Workers try to clear a road of debris from a tree that has fallen on power lines.
SHOT 8: Drive by underneath a tree that has fallen on power lines.
SHOT 9: Panning shot of a tree blocking the road as people in a truck try to figure a way around.
SHOT 10: A truck drives by a fallen tree on the road.
SHOT 11: Following shot as vehicles drive by fallen trees on the road.
SHOT 12: A vehicle stopped due to a blocked road.
SHOT 13: Close-up shot of the large hail that fell from this storm.
SHOT 14: A timelapse of the storm rolling in, in Dutchess County NY.

SID: Dave Lewison

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