Cumberland County PA Prescribed Fire B-Roll 5/1/2018

Outside of Shippensburg, Pa the Bureau of Forestry is conducting close to 1,400 acres of a ” controlled burn ” (or ” prescribed fire ” ) on part of the Michaux State Forest in an area known as Hairy Springs. Several road closures are in effect as a result. Estimated reopening should be sometime Thursday afternoon.
Shot Description

Shippensburg, Pa

Clips 1 – 3 : Shots from Baltimore Road, (Medium, medium, pan out ) of smoke from controlled burn.

Clip 4 : Shot from Ridge Road – Big cloud of smoke from controlled burn (less than 2 miles away)

Clip 5 : DCNR vehicle – smoke from controlled burn in distance (Ridge Road)

Clip 6 : DCNR vehicle – Road closed with fire activity ahead

Clip 7 : Parts of brush cleared from controlled burn

Clip 8: DCNR officers at closed intersection of Ridge Road

Clips 9 & 10: DCNR fire vehicle drives by & down Ridge Road

Clips 11 & 12 : Burned area from controlled burn / smoke in distance

Clip 13 : Helicopter from New Jersey Forest Service flying overhead

Clips 14 – 16 : Views from Alleman Road of smoke rising from controlled burn with house in distance (wide, extra wide, & medium shots)

Clips 17 & 18 : Shots from Strohm Road – Wide views in time lapses.

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