Twin Cities Historical Spring Blizzard 4/14/2018

Footage Documenting a truly Rare and Historical Severe Blizzard That Hit the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area on Saturday April 14th 2018. Highlighting impacts of travelers stuck in place by the hundreds,Blizzard conditions,Cars off road,Mail Man in Shorts in Knee Deep Snow,Plows Struggling to hold back 3 foot drifts near downtown Minneapolis!
Shot Description

1. Rare Zero visibility near Downtown Minneapolis with opening Narrative of location and dire situation.

2. Severe Blizzard Conditions with Drifting Snow across roadways in St.Paul.

3. US Postal Mail Carrier Delivering Mail in Knee Deep snow at the peak of the severe Blizzard in Minneapolis Minnesota with comments from Mailman on the Storm and the spring in Minnesota!

4. US Postal Mail Man walking into extreme heavy snow off into distance in shorts!

5-12 Multiple POV’s of Twin Cities travelers stuck in place in the middle or major roadways spinning tires, People Helping People, Cars Off of the road in Ditches,Cars straddling imbuctments, Emergency Vehicles on scenes.

13. Car Off Interstate in Minneapolis into Fence.

14. MNDOT Gang Plow Units in Minneapolis struggling to break back deep drifting snow.

15. Huge groups of cars and truck all stuck in place on flat roadways in over 1 foot of snow near downtown Minneapolis.

16-18 Trees swaying and bending in the 40MPH wind gusts!

19. Drifting and Blowing snow.

20. People working in teams to shovel snow from driveways.

21. Kids snow tubing on a hill near Minneapolis in mid April at the peak of a Blizzard with dogs!

22. Man on Cross Country Ski’s on street in Minneapolis with comments on Blizzard!

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