Blizzard conditions create Friday the 13th Mayhem Pileup On i-94 in Freeport, MN

Friday the 13th lived up to it’s reputation in westerns Stearns County, MN. Around the town of Freeport on Interstate 94 a Multi-Vehicle pile up shut down the east bound lanes for several hours as crews worked to clear out the wrecks. Lots of footage of the blizzard like conditions as the area is on the eastern edge of the blizzard warnings. White out conditions with snow packed slick roads were the norm on the west side of the county. Shot Description Clip 1 POV driving in whiteout conditions on Interstate 94 with great audio as crews talked over the radio about shutting down the interstate. Clip 2 POV Vehicle crashed in the center cable barrier ditch. Clip 3 State troopers blocking the interstate Clip 4 Wide shot of the Jack-Knifed Semi at the head of the pile up in Freeport with the iconic Freeport water tower in the background that you can barely see through the snow. Clip 5 Crews at the scene of the pile up, ambulance backs up. Clip 6 – 8 Crews working to remove the Jack-Knifed Semi truck. Clip 9 Backed up traffic and a vehicle in the ditch. Clip 10 Crash scene B-Roll in heavy snow. Clip 11 – 12 Semi truck in the ditch and sinking in the soft ground as it has started to thaw out before the winter storm started with temp in the 40s for the last few days. Clip 13 People look at their smashed up vehicle as a fire fighter stands by. Clip 14 Wide shot of several crashed vehicles and a state trooper documenting the scene. Clip 15 Smashed up Mini Van in the blowing snow. Clip 16 State trooper driving through the scene of smashed vehicles. Clip 17 In the 30+ mph wind gusts, a tight shot of the front of the smashed up front end of the car. Clip 18 Two vehicles in the ditch. Clip 19 Wide shot of vehicles in the ditch and fire trucks in the distance. Clip 20 Tight shot of the fire trucks on Interstate 94 and several crashed vehicles on the sides of the road. Clip 21 SUV smashed up and crews walking around the scene. Clip 22 Looking down from above at the smashed up SUV. Clip 23 Looking as several more crashed vehicles on Interstate 94. Clip 24 Smashed up vehicle on I-94. Clip 25 Wide shot of a smashed vehicle and fire truck from the side of I-94. Clip 26 Tight shot of a Melrose fire truck helping out and providing mutual aide at the scene in Freeport. Clip 27 Vehicles trying to clear the scene that did not crash. Clip 28 – 29 Semi Truck being pulled out of a ditch. Clip 30 Flag blowing in the high winds. Clip 31 – 32 Blowing snow over open fields with trees in the back ground for depth of field. Clip 33 – 35 POV driving in whiteout conditions on I-94. Clip 27 SID: John Galt

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