Rice Lake, WI Major Winter Storm – 4/14/2018

Major winter storm continues to pound Northwestern Wisconsin this evening. Heavy snow of 6 inches has already accumulated when I was outshooting this video package. Strong winds were causing blowing and drifting snow out in the County and in the City of Rice Lake. At least one person is taken it in stride.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Brian brushing of snow from a vehicle. Plus a little interview funny with Brian.
Clip 2. Snow covered street.
Clip 3. Snow and blowing snow out in the County.
Clip 4. Snow blowing off a barn and shed roofs.
Clip 5. Flags blowing in the wind with snow and blowing snow.
Clip 6. Closer shot of the flags blowing in the wind.
Clip 7. Snow blowing of another roof.
Clip 8. Snow and blowing snow at a carwash.
Clip 9. Wider shot of the snow and blowing snow.
Clip 10. Heavy snow falling with blowing and drifting snow.
Clip 11. Blowing snow.
Clip 12. Snow falling with blowing and drifting snow at a gas station.
Clip 13. Limited traffic on Main Street in Rice Lake with blowing snow.
Clip 14. Back out in the County with blowing and drifting snow.

SID: Dirk Miller

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