Lake Michigan, Lake Shore Flooding, Chicago, IL – 4/14/2018

Chicago and surrounding areas along Lake Michigan are experiencing flooding from intense easterly winds associated with a low pressure system in the Midwest. Wave heights of 12-18 feet were expected on top of elevated water levels from the strong push of east winds. Jesse Walters and Tammy King of JWSevereWeather documented the event from Oak Street Beach in Chicago northward into Winnetka, Illinois.
Shot Description

Shot 1-5 – Intense waves crashing onto a parking lot at Tower Road Park/Beach in Winnetka, Illinois.

Shot 6 – Waves crashing onto boulders at South Boulevard Beach in Evanston, Illinois.

Shot 7-13 – Intense wave action and two kite- boarders enjoying the strong easterly winds along Foster Beach in Chicago, Illinois.

Shot 14-17 – Various wave and wind scenes captured along North Avenue Beach in Chicago, Illinois

Shot 18-19 – A foggy Navy Pier was still operational during the storm event in Chicago, Illinois.

Shot 20-21 – The Oak Street Curve in Chicago slows as intense waves crash ashore, capturing drivers attention.

Shot 22 – POV driving shot of intense winds blowing the American and City Of Chicago Flags along Michigan Avenue.

SID: Jesse Walters

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