Maricopa, AZ Blowing Dust & Low Visibility – 4/12/2018

B-roll of strong winds and blowing dust that reduced visibility at times down to zero.
Shot Description

Shot 1 – 0 to 20 seconds (WITH GREAT NAT SOUND!): Wide shot of a major road in Maricopa getting hit with strong winds and blowing dust. Visibility goes from decent down to zero quickly, forcing drivers to stop until visibility improves.

Shot 2 – 21 to 29 seconds: Another shot of dust channeling through a major roadway forcing drivers to stand still until the dust cleared.

Shot 3 – 29 to 37 seconds: medium shot of dust moving across a roadway.

Shot 4 – 37 to 43 seconds: a tight shot of fast food sign and dust

Shot 5 – 43 to 46 seconds: a wide shot of road and dust.

Shot 6 – 46 to 50 seconds: a medium shot of strong dust and blowing American Flag

Shot 7 – 50 to 54 seconds: a construction sign blowing

Shot 8 – 54 to 1:10 seconds: a wide shot of visibility improving just before another wave of dust hits the road again.

Shot 9 – 1:10 to 1:27 seconds: A POV shot taken from the passenger seat of my car driving on the same road above as blowing dust again channels thru the roadway.

SID: Bryan Snider

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