Stearns County, MN Slick Roads – 4/8/2018


On the northern side of the latest winter system that impacted Minnesota, as soon as the sun went down the roads became slick where even emergency crews had a hard time driving.

B-Roll from Saint Cloud and Saint Joseph, MN of the slick roads, ambulance fish tailing with lights and sirens on, vehicle rolled over, vehicle in the ditch and snow plows.
Shot Description

Clip 1 POV shot of an ambulance with lights and sirens taking a corner and fish tailing and almost spinning out on county road 75 in Saint Joseph, MN.

Clip 2 Snow plow on Highway 15 and Highway 23

Clip 3 – 8 Roll over crash scene on county Road 75 in Saint Joseph, MN.

Cli9 9 – 11 Car in the ditch on Interstate 94, various shots.

Clip 12 Vehicle being put on a flat bed truck on Interstate 94.

Clip 13 – 16 Snow plow clips.

SID: John Galt

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