Heavy Snow, Nor’Easter & Accidents in Queens NY – 3/21/2018

Very heavy snow bands set up over Queens, NY during the late evening, causing traffic accidents, and low visibility conditions. Timelapse sequences of entire storm from beginning to end.
Shot Description

Shots 1-3: EMS responds to the scene of a traffic accident in Rego Park, Queens as heavy snow falls.
Shots 4-6: People out in very heavy snow wait for the bus on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park, Queens. A man shovels snow off of his vehicle.
Shot 7: Snow plows clear roads in Whitestone, Queens.
Shot 8: Timelapse sequence of trees getting weighed down by very heavy wet snow in Queens, NY.
Shot 9: A pedestrian navigates slippery snow covered streets in Queens, NY.
Shot 10: Traffic on Woodhaven Blvd as very heavy snow falls.
Shot 11: Snow falls from the roof of a residential home in Rego Park, Queens.
Shots 12-14: People out and about in heavy snow, traffic on Woodhaven Blvd in heavy snow, deep snow piles up on park benches in Queens, NY.
Shot 15: Timelapse sequence from Queens, NY of very heavy wet snow piling up on trees.
Shots 16-17: Various shots of heavy snow falling after dark in Whitestone, NY.
Shot 18: Snow plows clearing streets in Queens, NY.

SID: Scott McPartland

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