Powerful Blizzard Blasts Scituate MA High Winds & Storm Surge 3/13/2018

3rd Powerful March Nor’easter Undergoes Bombogenesis and Pounds Scituate MA with Blizzard Conditions, Whiteouts, massive damaging waves, damaging high winds, heavy snow, and even storm surge flooding once again! Massive tree knocked down onto power lines blocking primary highway into Scituate MA. All footage shot during morning daylight on March 13, 2018 in Scituate MA by Meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1-4. Various shots of massive tree downed onto power lines blocking primary highway in and out of Scituate MA by damaging high winds 5-14. various shots of massive damaging waves pounding Scituate MA seawall and homes from 3rd March Nor’easter 15 & 16. shots of high winds blowing heavy falling snow in blizzard conditions in Scituate MA 18. pushed-in shot of white-out blizzard conditions with heavy snow falling and blowing by very high winds over storm surge flooding Scituate MA neighborhood 19. pushed-in shot of power lines flapping in the high winds like flags 20-26. various shots of blizzard conditions and storm surge flooding in Scituate MA 27. POV driving shot through storm surge flooded neighborhood with blizzard conditions and crashing waves 28. shot of traffic in blizzard conditions in Scituate MA 29. shot of fire truck responding to emergency call during blizzard conditions in Scituate MA 30. POV shot of large trees and limbs sagging over road under weight of heavy wet snow in Scituate MA 31 & 32. shots of blizzard conditions with lighthouse in Scituate MA SID: Simon Brewer


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