East Yaphank Suffolk Blizzard Whiteout – 3/13/2018

An intense band of snow sits over the town of East Yaphank on the east end of Long Island as a powerful noreaster brings whiteout conditions and dangerous driving conditions to the area.
Shot Description

Shot 1: A driver loses control of his vehicle as he approaches an intersection in near whiteout blizzard conditions.
Shot 2: People are barely visible in near whiteout conditions in East Yaphank, Long Island.
Shot 3: Vehicles disappear behind a wall of snow as they drive down a main road in East Yaphank.
Shot 4: Person barely visible in extremely heavy snow.
Shots 5-6: Car dash POV of near whiteout conditions on the Long Island Expressway in eastern Suffolk County, Long Island.
Shots 7-9: Motorists clearing snow off their car in near whiteout conditions.
Shots 10-11: Wide shots of very heavy snow falling in East Yaphank, Long Island.
Shot 12: Vehicles stuck in snow at an intersection in East Yaphank.
Shots 13-14: Heavy wet snow builds up on power lines and trees in East Yaphank.

SID: Scott McPartland

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