Nor’easter Hits Lewiston, Maine 3/8/2018

Destructive Nor’easter continues to slam Maine and Northeast Massachusetts:
Footage of heavy snow slamming Lewiston ME and early morning downed trees wreaking havoc in Northeast Massachusetts. Heavy snow, accidents from dangerous driving conditions, buried neighborhoods, downed trees, burning transformer

All footage shot during late and early morning (daylight and darkness) on March 8, 2018 in/near Lewiston, Maine and parts of Northeast Massachusetts by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Daylight shots in Lewiston, Maine
Darkness shots in Northeast Massachusetts

1. shot of truck driving through snow-covered downtown Lewiston ME streets with heavy snow falling

2 & 3. shots of car accident in ditch on side of I-95 in Lewiston ME with emergency vehicle providing assistence

4 & 5. vehicles have trouble driving on snow-covered roads in Lewiston ME

6. pedestrian walks through heavy snow in downtown Lewiston ME

7. people try to get car out of driveway in Lewiston ME

8 & 9. pushed-in shots of Moose Statue with heavy snow falling near Lewiston ME

10. pushed-in shot of man shoveling sidewalk in Lewiston ME

11. car drives past blowing flag with heavy snow falling and blowing in Lewsiton ME

12-17. various shots of snow plows trying to clear snow in/near Lewiston ME

18. POV driving shot of huge trees hanging over I-95 near Lewiston ME from destructive heavy wet snow

19. panning shot of snow-covered trees

20 & 21. shots of damaged trees from heavy wet snow

22. pushed-in shot of very heavy snow falling

23-25. shots of cars buried in deep snow in Lewiston ME

26 & 27. shots of house buried in deep snow in Lewiston ME

28. Powerflash lights up sky over Northeast Massachusetts from tree blowing up transformer

29 & 30. shots of burning transformer from destructive heavy wet snow knocking down trees and branches on powerlines in Northeast Massachusetts

31. shot of police vehicle blocking huge fallen tree on I-95 in Northeast Massachusetts felled by destructive heavy wet snow

32-38. various shots of hanging and fallen trees from destructive heavy wet snow over Northeast Massachusetts in early morning hours

39. snow plows clearing I-95 in early morning hours over Northeast Massachusetts

SID: Simon Brewer

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