Hartford, CT Noreaster Blasts I-90 with deep snow – 3/7/2018

Nor’easter continues to pound New England with heavy wet snow and high winds: shots of accidents all over highways around Hartford CT, tree fell on truck on I-90 in Connecticutt, low-visibility, high winds, slick snow-covered roadways.

All footage shot during evening darkness and daylight in/near Hartford CT on March 7, 2018 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1. 3 men attempt to push car out of deep snow bank on highway

2-4. shots of semi-truck stuck in deep snow bank after sliding off highway

5-7. shots of traffic on snow-covered highway with heavy snow falling, low visibility

8-22. various shots of many vehicle accidents in ditches and snow banks off highways around Hartford CT from slick snow-covered roads and zero visibility at times

23 & 24. real and slow motion shots of truck smashed by fallen tree on I-90 in Connecticut with firefighters assisting (tree fell from very heavy wet snow accumulation bringing down tree onto interstate)

25-27. shots of very high winds and heavy snow in downtown Hartford CT

28-31. shots of snow plows and front loader clearing snow in Hartford CT

32-38. various shots of very heavy snow in Connecticut near Hartford

SID: Simon Brewer

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