Interstate 84 shutdown, heavy snow & accidents Hopewell, NY – 3/7/2018

A powerful Nor’Easter dumped 1-2 feet of heavy wet snow across the Northeast. Portions of I-84 were shut down in Dutchess County NY, forcing truck traffic onto local roads, where they then became stuck.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A spun out vehicle went into the guardrail on the Taconic Parkway.
SHOT 2 & 3: A recovery crew tries to collect two vehicles that collided and went off the road.
SHOT 4: Timelapse of a foot of snow piling up on a table with a ruler.
SHOT 5: TImelapse of a foot of snow piling up on a patio table & chairs.
SHOT 6 & 7: Snow plows passing the camera while clearing the Taconic Parkway.
SHOT 8: Highway sign stating the truck ban in effect on I-84.
SHOT 9: Panning shot showing truckers lined up along the exit ramp, after being forced off I-84.
SHOT 10: Police blocking off the entrance to I-84, after the road was completely shut down due to dangerous conditions.
SHOT 11 & 12: Large tow trucks try to free tractor trailers that became stuck on I-84.
SHOT 13: Panning shot showing police blocking the I-84 entrance ramp, and trucks lining up along the side of the road to wait out the storm.
SHOT 14 & 15: Vehicles crawl along, as traffic is forced onto the exit ramp due to a total shutdown of I-84.
SHOT 16: Driving along the Taconic Parkway in nearly blinding snow, as trees hang low overhead due to the weight of the heavy snow.

SID: Dave Lewison

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