Heavy Snow & Wind Damage On North Shore Long Island NY – 3/7/2018

Heavy snow and strong winds create near whiteout conditions and rough waters along the north shore of western Long Island Sound.
Shot Description

Shot 1: An uprooted tree in Whitestone, NY.
Shot 2: An NYPD Police car responds to an incident on the Van Wyck Expressway in Whitestone, NY.
Shot 3: A salt spreader drives down the street in heavy snow.
Shot 4: The Throgs Neck Bridge is barely visible in near whiteout conditions.
Shot 5: Heavy snow and strong winds push water onto the banks along the north shore.
Shots 6-9: Strong winds push water up and over the sea wall in Whitestone, NY.
Shot 10: Traffic sign on the Throgs Neck Bridge warning motorists of dangerous travel conditions.
Shots 11-12: Heavy snow and strong winds, rough waters in Long Island Sound.
Shot 13: A utility worker tends to downed power lines in Whitestone, NY.

SID: Scott McPartland

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