Poughkeepsie, NY blizzard conditions – 3/2/2018

A major Nor’Easter affected the Northeast states, with blizzard conditions and heavy wet snow. These conditions knocked down trees and made for whiteout conditions. Shot Description SHOT 1: A man tries to shovel his driveway while fighting against blizzard conditions. SHOT 2: Two neighbors digging out from 8″ of heavy wet snow. SHOT 3: A tree rests precariously on power lines, as cars drive underneath. SHOT 4 & 5: Wide & telephoto shots of ground blizzard conditions in Poughkeepsie. SHOT 6: Strong winds created whiteout conditions on the roads. SHOT 7: Strong winds created ground blizzard conditions. SHOT 8: A man using a snowblower during strong winds and blowing snow. SHOT 9: A tree limb down on a power line during high winds. SHOT 10: Timelapse of snow building up on a patio table. SHOT 11: TImelapse of snow building up on a deck. SID: Dave Lewison

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