Extreme Storm Surge BLASTS Scituate, MA at high tide – 3/2/2018

Massive destructive waves and storm surge damage homes in Scituate MA causing some neighborhoods to become small islands surrounded by ocean. Shots of damaged neighborhoods, flooded homes, massive destructive waves tossing small boulders and rocks. All footage shot during afternoon daylight on March 2, 2018 in Scituate MA by meteorologist Simon Brewer Shot Description 1-11. various shots of massive destructive waves crashing into homes and seawall in Scituate MA tossing small boulders and rocks into home and roads 12-15. various shots of damage to neighborhood homes and roads in Scituate MA from storm surge and massive waves 16-24. various shots of flooded homes and roads as storm surge pushes into Scituate MA creating small island neighborhoods cutoff from the mainland 25. shot of pedestrian surveying massive waves in Scituate MA SID: Simon Brewer

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