Noreaster Surge and High Winds, North Shore Long Island 3/2/2018

A powerful nor’easter blasts the north shore of Long Island with sustained tropical storm force winds and high waves. Shot Description Shot 1: Powerful winds blow snow past a sign rocking in the wind. Shots 2-3: Intense winds cause storm surge to wash over sea walls in Whitestone, NY. Shot 4: Telephoto shot of strong winds blowing snow sideways with rough surf. Shot 5: A fenced off recreation area in Whitestone, NY is submerged in storm surge. Shots 6-10: Powerful winds blow snow sideways, storm surge over washes the sea wall in Whitestone, NY. Breaking waves blast into the air. Shot 11: Throgs Neck Bridge with snow/rain falling. Shot 12: Telephoto shot of the a sign on the Throgs Neck Bridge warning motorists of bad weather. Shot 13: A woman struggles with an umbrella in high winds in Whitestone, NY. Shots 14-17: Various shots of powerful winds and blowing snow. SID: Scott McPartland

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