Brewster, NY blizzard and accidents 3/2/2018

A major Nor’Easter affected the Northeast states, with blizzard conditions and heavy wet snow. These conditions knocked out power and caused dozens of accidents on Interstate 84 in southern NY State. Shot Description SHOT 1: Close up shot of a flatbed truck on I-84 loading a damaged vehicle as heavy snow falls. SHOT 2 & 3: Shots of a vehicle that slid off I-84 onto the median, with a state trooper warning traffic. SHOT 4: A state trooper assists a motorist who slid off the interstate in heavy snow. SHOT 5: A pair of plows clear off the Taconic State Parkway. SHOT 6 & 7: Two state plows clear the Taconic parkway and pass the camera. SHOT 8 & 9: Traffic came to a stand still on the Taconic Parkway due to a fallen tree blocking the road. SHOT 10: Various trucks stranded on the side of the interstate, with a tow truck assisting. SHOT 11: A flatbed truck assists a stranded motorist, as a state trooper directs traffic. SHOT 12: A stop sign waving furiously in the strong winds. SHOT 13: People walking out of a store into blizzard like conditions. SHOT 14: A flag being blown by strong winds and heavy snow. SHOT 15: A dark traffic light, indicating the area is without power. SHOT 16: People walking in heavy blowing snow. SHOT 17: Traffic driving by on the Taconic Parkway in heavy snow. SID: Dave Lewison

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