Jackson Township, IN Kankake Wildlife Area Flooding 2/20/2018

Video from the Kankakee State Fish and Wildlife Area near Jackson Township in Porter County, IN. Heavy rains, snow melt, and frozen grounds have led to major flooding in the Kankakee River Valley where over 3.5″ of rain have fallen over the last two days. Flood Warnings are out along the river through the next couple of days as the river continues to rise. Shot Description Clip 1: High waters on the Kankakee River near State Road 8 and State Road 39. Clip 2: People fishing along the the Kankakee River Clip 3-6: High water on the Kankakee River flowing under State Road 8 as traffic crosses bridge above Clip 6-11: High water flowing at the connecting point between the Kankakee River and the Yellow River near S 650 W on the far west end of the Kankakee State Fish and Wildlife Area. Clips 12-14: Flooded corn field on the northeast side of the Kankakee State Fish Wildlife area. Clips 15-20: Flooded and high waters flowing through pumping stations and area cannels surrounding the Wildlife area. SID: Will Wight

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