Belmar, NJ Perfect Day At The Beach, Record Warmth – 2/20/2018

Record warmth brings beach goers, surfers and families out to the Jersey Shore in Belmar where it felt more like mid-May than mid-February. Shot Description Shot 1: A woman plays with her little dog on the sand in Belmar, NJ Shots 2 & 3: Surfers head towards the water with their surfboards. Shot 4: Two teenagers play kick ball in the sand in shorts. Shot 5: A surfer makes his way out into the water in Belmar, NJ. Shots 6 & 7: Families out and about in spring clothes as they walk along the boardwalk in Belmar, NJ. Shot 8: Friends have lunch outside at a cafe in Belmar. Shot 9: A father and his two sons ride bicycles along the boardwalk in Belmar. Shot 10: Kids playing on a jungle gym on the beach. Shot 11: A man wearing a sleeveless shirt walks along the boardwalk. Shot 12: A surfer girl gears up to hit the waves. Shot 13: People out and about walk along the boardwalk in Belmar. Shot 14: Telephoto shot of breaking waves and surfers. Shots 15 – 17: People out enjoying the spring like weather in Belmar, NJ. SID: Scott McPartland

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