Harrisburg And Hershey PA Winter Storm, 2/17/2018

Very warm temperatures give way to a fast moving winter storm for much of the mid-atlantic area. Several inches of heavy wet snow fall in a short period of time. Penndot snow plows are out in force to keep the roads clear. Shot Description *********** Camp Hill, Pa Clips 1 & 2 : Penndot snow plows exiting parking lot (Close Shots) Clip 3 : Two Penndot snow plows waiting for light to turn on N/B side S 32nd St Clip 4 : Overhead road sign displaying ” Winter Weather Advisory Roads May Be Slippery ” on E/B side of PA 581 Clip 5 : Heavy snow falling & traffic waiting to exit parking lot onto S 32nd Street Clip 6 : Person walking across parking lot while heavy snow is falling Clips 7 & 8 : Wide & medium shot of man holding umbrella and cleaning car with snow brush while heavy snow is falling ************ Harrisburg, Pa Clip 9 : Sign displaying time, date, and temperature, vehicles covered in snow, heavy falling snow (5:06 pm February 17, 2018 – 33 Degrees) Clips 10 – 12 : Wide, medium, tight shots of big American flag waving in winds, heavy falling snow with limited visibility Clips 13 – 15 : Wide, medium (with slight zoom back), tight shots of new vehicles on parking lot covered in snow, heavy snow falling. Clips 16 – 18 : Tight, medium, wide shots of heavy falling snow illuminated by parking lot lights. ************ Hummelstown, Pa Clip 19 : Shot from E/B side of PA 322 – Penndot snow plows on E/B & W/B side of PA 322, Penndot snow plow clearing right hand lane of E/B PA 322 Clip 20 : Medium shot of Penndot snow plow on E/B side of PA 322 clearing snow and spreading salt Clip 21 : Tighter shot of Penndot snow plow on E/B side of PA 322 clearing snow & spreading salt, sparks seen under snow plow blades. ************ Hershey, Pa Clip 22 : People out walking in Hershey, Pa while snow is falling Clip 23 : Man clearing sidewalk ramp Clip 24 : Hershey, Pa banner on pole, Traffic on E/B side of PA 422, with snow falling Clip 25 : Low to ground shot – semi tractor trailer E/B on PA 422 Clip 26 : Shot from Park Avenue & Trinidad Avenue of Roller coaster track sections in Hershey Park Clip 27 : Wide shot of big tower with American flag in Hershey Park & falling snow. SID: J. Marc Harris

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