Wappingers Falls, NY snow accidents – 2/17/2018

A fast-moving storm dumped anywhere from 3-6″ of snow across the Mid-Hudson valley of NY, creating very hazardous road conditions. Hwy 376, a major thoroughfare through the area, was shut down for several hours following a crash involving several vehicles. Shot Description SHOT 1 & 2: Pass-by shots of state snow plows clearing Route 55 in Poughkeepsie NY SHOT 3: Close-up of a Sheriff’s vehicle with flashing lights in the fallingg snow. SHOT 4 & 5: A police officer placing road flares in the snow to divert traffic away from an accident scene. SHOT 6 & 7: Traffic turning around due to Hwy 376 being closed due to an accident near Dutchess County Airport. SHOT 8 & 9: Traffic driving in heavy falling snow at night. SHOT 10: A pair of buses drives by in heavy falling snow. SHOT 11: CLose-up shot of heavy falling snow in front of a light fixture. SHOT 12: Wide shot of snow falling in front of a lamp post and tree. SID: Dave Lewison

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