Harrisburg, PA area dense fog overnight – 2/11/2018

Temperatures get well above 45 degrees today in many parts of south central Pennsylvania. Most of the leftover snow melts and many areas are now dealing with dense fog. Several dense fog advisories are issued as a result. Shot Description ******** Harrisburg, Pa Clips 1-3 : Wide, medium and tight shot (with zoom back) of Pennsylvania state capitol building in dense fog. Fog lower to the ground not as dense. Clip 4 : E/B side of I-83, vehicle & overhead street lights illuminating fog from Susquehanna river (under bridge) ******** New Cumberland, Pa Clip 5 : Wide shot of parking lot and multiple light sources showing fog in area. Clips 6 – 8 : Wide, medium, and tight shots of airport beacon light at Capitol City Airport in New Cumberland, Pa. Multiple vehicles entering & exiting parking lot. Clip 9 : Vehicle traveling on Old York Road and turning onto Airport Road. Street lights & traffic signals illuminating fog Clips 10 – 12 : Wide, medium, tight shots of parking lot lights illuminating fog. ******** Harrisburg, Pa (City Island) Clips 13 – 14 : Vehicle in parking lot with headlights on , lights over & under Market Street Bridge illuminating fog Clips 15 – 16 : Front and side view of Walnut Street Bridge in heavy fog ******** Wormleysburg, Pa Clip 17 : Forster Street / Harvey Tailor Bridge lit up by street lights in dense fog. View from S/B side of N Front Street. ******** Yocumtown, Pa Clip 18 : S/B I-83 traffic near Yocumtown exit in dense fog / nearby buildings, road signs and parking lot lights illuminating dense fog. SID: J Marc Harris

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