Icy Morning Crashes in Southern IL – 2/11/2018

Overnight freezing rain lead to extreme hazardous icy roads across all of southern Illinois leading to numerous accidents across the region. Ice accumulated between 0.1″ and 0.2″ through the overnight before the freezing rain pushed out of the area by sunrise. Roads were left icy in their wake and may drivers ended up spinning out and crashing on icy roads. Video package shot across Williamson and Johnson Counties in southern Illinois, near and south of the city of Marion. Interstate video was taken on I-57, while in-town stuff taken in Marion. Shot Description Scene 1: POV driving shot passing two ambulances at a single car crash on I-57 south of Marion. Three people in the car were taken away by ambulance. Vehicle suffered front-end damage and air bags were deployed. Scene 2-5: Various shots of crashed car with state trooper with lights on behind it. Clips show front end damage and deployed airbags. Scene 6-9: Shots of a tow truck clearing a roll-over accident of a gold car with severe damage to the windshield and passenger side. Reports that one person was seriously injured and taken away by ambulance. Vehicle was crashed along I-57 south of Marion. Scene 10-12: Shots of a red car that spun off I-57 at the Marion exit. First shot includes driver walking up the embankment to her car. Two other shots of the car way off in the grass with interstate traffic driving behind it. Scene 13: NAT sound of man scraping ice from his car, narrating as he is doing. Excellent NAT sounds SOT from scraping. Scene 14: Man chizzling ice off his car while another man in the parking lot does the same on his car behind him. Scene 15: Shot from inside car as windshield wipers scrape over ice on windshield. Scene 16-18: Salt trucks on I-57 dropping salt, last shot in series includes tight shot of salt pouring onto interstate as plow drives. Scene 19-20: Oncoming plow clearing ice and sleet from Route 13 in Marion. Scene 21-25: Various shots of ice covered vehicles with icicles hanging off. Scene 26-28: Shots of completely iced over parking lot in Marion. Scene 29: Shot of camera man’s feet walking across ice covered parking lot. Scene 30-32: Nighttime shots during the freezing rain event as it falls in street lights and coats vehicles in a parking lot. SID: Tony Laubach

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