Barron County, Wisconsin Winter Storm – 1/22/2018

Major winter slams parts of Wisconsin. The major winter storm brought heavy snow and blowing snow to Western and part of Northwestern WI this afternoon and evening. Near whiteout conditions caused problem on the roads this afternoon. Shot Description Clip 1. Flag blowing in the strong winds. Clip 2. A vehicle in the ditch. Clip 3. Tow truck operator hooking up the vehicle. Clip 4. Vehicle starting to get pulled out of ditch. Snow sticking to the lens cause the shot to be blurry. Clip 5. Vehicle pulled out of the ditch. Clip 6. Heavy snow falling. Clips 7-8. Snow blowing off a roof. Clip 10. Stop and street sign starting to get covered up by snow. Blowing snow in the background. Clip 11. Blowing snow with heavy snow falling. Clips 12-13. Snow machines driving by on the lake with heavy snow falling. Clip 14. Snow covered road and trees with heavy snow falling. Clip 15. Snow covered car. Clip 16. Snow covered trees with heavy snow falling. Clip 17. Snow plow removing snow from a street in the city of Rice Lake once again. SID: Dirk Miller

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