Snow creates travel hazard along Interstate 94 in Central, MN – 1/14/2018

With the warmer temps, the snow has returned to Central Minnesota and drivers on Interstate 94 from Clearwater, MN to Albany were in for a travel headache.

Numerous vehicles crashed with wrecks all along Interstate 94.

B-Roll of snow plows trying to clear the road and crews trying to recover the wrecked vehicles.
Shot Description

First part from Albany, MN.

Clip 1 Near whiteout conditions while following a snow plow on Interstate 94.

Clip 2 POV shot driving by a major crash scene on Interstate 94.

Clip 3 – 4 Driving past the crash scene of a mangled up car on Interstate 94.

Clip 5 Pickup truck off in the distance flipped over as crews look at the scene.

Clip 6 A tight shot as pull away from the brutal crash scene.

Clip 7 Passing the flipped over pickup truck as a fire fighter walks down the side of the road.

Clip 8 Fire fighters on the scene of another wreck on Interstate 94 in Albany.

Clip 9 Snow plow passing towards the camera.

***** Following clips from Saint Cloud, MN. *****

Clip 10 Car on the side of the road in the ditch on Interstate 94.

Clip 11 SUV being being pulled out of a steep ditch on Interstate 94.

Clip 12 POV Following traffic on Highway 15 and I94.

Clip 13 – 14 Snow plow on Interstate 94.

***** The following clips are from Clearwater, MN along Interstate 94 *****

Clip 15 Snow plow at Interstate 94 and Highway 24 overpass.

Clip 16 Crews working to pull out a car that crashed into the center ditch Interstate 94 as a snow plow passes the scene.

Clip 17 Driving in Heavy snow

Clip 18 Snow Plow passing under the camera.

Clip 19 Side shot passing a snow plow.

Clip 20 Snow plow coming towards the camera.

Clip 21 Snow plow coming towards the camera just off Interstate 94 and Highway 24.

Clip 22 State trooper rushing to the scene of another accident.

Clip 23 Multi Vehicle accident on Interstate 94.

Clip 24-26 Vehicle in the ditch.

Clip 25 – 26 Vehicles in the ditch.

Clip 26 SUV that crashed and being recovered on the back of a flat bed tow truck.

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