Frigid Cold Sub Zero in Rice Lake, WI – 12/27/2017

The bitterly cold air continues as the Arctic air has a strong hold of Northwestern WI. Shot Description Clip 1. Bank temp of 21 below zero at 7:27 AM. Clip 2. Someone out for a walk on this cold morning. Clip 3. Traffic on main street driving on black ice. The black ice was caused by the exhaust from the vehicles. Clip 4. Bank temp of 23 below zero at 8:04 AM. Clip 5. Icicles. Clip 6. Steam rising of the warmer waters by the dam. Clip 7. Steam from a factory. Clip 8. A cold sunrise. Clip 9. Closer shot of the cold sunrise. Clip 10. A car driving through the shot with exhaust from it’s tailpipe. Clip 11. Water and ice in a battle to see which one will win out.

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