Poughkeepsie, NY White Christmas – 12/25/2017

About 3 inches of snow fell over the NY’s Mid-Hudson Valley early Christmas morning, making for the region’s first “White Christmas” in nearly 20 years. Plow trucks were out clearing the roads but driving was still treacherous with nearly whiteout conditions at times. Shot Description SHOT 1: A car stuck on the side of the road with people trying to dig it out. SHOT 2-3: A plow passes by with cars following close behind. SHOT 4-5: Creative shots of a “season’s greetings” sign and a Christmas wreath with the snow swirling around it. SHOT 6: A man walking down the middle of a snow covered street in Poughkeepsie. SHOT 7: A man clearing the snow off his car. SHOT 8: A “Ice & Snow, Take it Slow” automated highway sign. SHOT 9: Driving in heavy snow with near whiteout conditions. SHOT 10-12: Traffic negotiating the falling snow, with town holiday decorations on the side of the road. SHOT 13-14: Scenic shots of the snow over a small creek and an outdoor Christmas tree.

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