Arctic Blast brings Sub Zero Temps to Rice Lake Cumberland, WI – 12/25/2017

The first real Arctic blast assured Northwestern WI a brutally cold Christmas day. Temps fell from 6 below zero this morning to 12 below zero later in the afternoon. Winds produced blowing snow over in the Cumberland WI area. Very cold wind chills ranging from 25 to 20 below zero. This video package shows the cold temps and blowing snow, along with icicles. Shot Description Clip 1. Shows a bank temperature of 6 below zero at 10:09 this morning in Rice Lake WI. Clips 2 through 5. Shows the blowing snow in the opens areas by Cumberland WI. Clip 6. Bank temperature of 12 below at 4:53 PM in Rice Lake WI. Clip 7-9. Icicles. Clip 10. Steam rising from a chimney pipe. Clip 11. Flag blowing in the wind with steam rising from a chimney pipe in the background.

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