Fort Myers, FL Hurricane Irma after the storm – 9/11/2017

Nearly a foot of rain from Hurricane Irma caused extensive fresh-water flooding in the Lehigh Acres suburb of Ft. Myers FL. Shots of flooded vehicles, people wading in deep water, traffic driving through flood waters, and some wind damage to structures.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A man tries to bail water out of his flooded vehicle.
SHOT 2: Telephoto shot of traffic driving down flooded roads in Ft Myers FL.
SHOT 3: A few people wading through knee-high water in the streets of Ft. Myers FL.
SHOT 4-5: A gas station awning destroyed by Irma’s intense winds.
SHOT 6: A flooded pickup truck in Ft. Myers FL.
SHOT 7: A man sits in his stalled-out vehicle among flood waters in Ft. Myers FL.
SHOT 8: A flooded business front on Lee Blvd in Ft. Myers FL.
SHOT 9: Two flooded vehicles in a parking lot on Lee Blvd in Ft. Myers FL.
SHOT 10: Flooded street signs and mailboxes along a street in Ft. Myers FL.

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