Fort Myers, FL Hurricane Irma Eye Wall and Flooding – 9/10/2017

Hurricane Irma comes ashore in SW FL. Shots of driving through the eyewall of the storm as well as the flooding that occurred afterwards.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: A storm chasing vehicle takes wind readings on the Punta Gorda causeway bridge, with blowing palm trees in the background.
SHOT 2-4: POV driving shots of the dangerous conditions while driving through Irma's eyewall, with trees thrashing, zero visibility and water & debris all over the road.
SHOT 5: Approaching a downed tree in road, completely blocking passage.
SHOT 6 & 7: Driving through the eyewall, as sustained winds of 80-90 mph reduce visibility to near zero and make power poles lean over.
SHOT 8 & 9: Water inundates businesses after the eyewall passage, near Ft. Myers FL.
SHOT 10: Flood waters 3-4 feet deep inundate the streets near Ft. Myers FL after the storm passes.