Hurricane Irma Landfall Devastates Lower Florida Keys 9/10/2017

Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Irma Landfall over Lower Florida Keys.

Video of 2 foot storm surge over Key West in early morning hours, lightning from intense eyewall of landfalling Hurricane Irma over Saddlebunch Keys, Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer measure 117+mph winds in eyewall of Irma on Saddlebunch Keys, large stovepipe-shaped tornado crosses in front of meteorologists near Big Sugarloaf Key, extreme high winds and storm surge on backside of eye over Cudjoe Key. Meteorologists measure 932.7 mb pressure in eye of Irma, and damage across Lower Keys inside the eye of Irma.

All footage shot for LLC during the morning daylight and darkness hours on September 10, 2017 Across Lower Florida Keys by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer


Shot Description

1. 2 foot storm surge in early morning hours over Key West FL

2. shot of Meteorologist Juston Drake measuring 2 foot storm surge in Key West.

3-7. POV driving shots of lighting flashes inside eyewall of CAT 4 Hurricane Irma

8 & 9.shot of severe hurricane winds over 120+mph hit Saddlebunch Key

10. shot of meteorologist Juston Drake observing terrible outside conditions in Saddlebunch Key

11. pushed-in shot of high hurricane winds hammering Saddlebunch Key

12 & 13. shots of meteorologist Juston Drake measuring high winds in eyewall of Hurricane Irma

14 & 15. shots of meteorologist Simon Brewer measuring over 117 mph winds inside eyewall of Hurricane Irma on Saddlebunch Key

16. image of anemometer with 117.1 MPH measurement by Meteorologist Simon Brewer inside eye of Hurricane Irma

17 & 18. shots of extreme hurricane Irma eyewall winds in Saddlebunch Key

19 & 20. shots of vehicles losing pieces to extreme winds on Big Sugarloaf Key, FL

21. shot of large stovepipe-shaped tornado from inner eyewall of Hurricane Irma crossing Highway 1 near Big Sugarloaf Key

22. shot of barometer measuring 932.7 mb in center of eye of Hurricane Irma on Cudjoe Key

23. shot of RV flipped over by extremely high winds in Cudjoe Key

24 & 25. shots of destroyed business in Sugarloaf Key by extremely high winds

26 & 27. shots of uprooted large tree in Sugarloaf Key FL

28. shot of two residents wading through storm surge in Big Sugarloaf Key FL during relatively calm eye of Hurricane Irma

29 & 30. shots of line of downed utility poles in Cudjoe Key FL

31. shot of partially submerged van in storm surge on Cudjoe Key

32. shot of destroyed home on Cudjoe Key FL

33. shot of destroyed gas station on Cudjoe Key , FL

34 & 35. shots of destroyed trailer home in Sugarloaf Key FL

36-38. shots of destroyed gas station and broken steel-reinforced concrete utility pole in Cudjoe Key

39. pushed-in shot of destroyed gas station in Cudjoe Key FL

40. shot of flooded cars and home by storm surge on Cudjoe Key FL

41. shot of damaged home on Cudjoe Key

42. driving shot of flooded business by storm surge on Cudjoe Key FL

43. shot of crumbled electrical station from high winds in Big Sugarloaf Key

44-53. various shots of extremely high winds and storm surge on backside of Hurricane Irma's eye slamming Cudjoe Key FL