Richmond, TX Epic Flooding continues into the night – 8/28/2017

Disastrous situation unfolding in Richmond TX as Brazos River and surrounding waterways flood the city and surrounding areas:
Footage of massive trees toppled by oversaturated soil, water rising and flooded businesses and neighborhoods, submerged and stranded vehicles, , and emergency personnel helping to evacuate neighborhoods.

All footage shot during evening daylight and darkness on August 28, 2017 in/near Richmond TX and Southwest areas of Houston TX by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-3. shots of vehicles flooded and stranded by deep flood water on I-69 in Southwest Houston

4-6. shots of swollen Brazos River near Record Flood stage with large debris floating in Richmond TX

7 & 8. shots of Sheriff vehicle and utility crews working to remove massive tree and repair power lines in Richmond TX (tree fell from oversaturated soil causing ball of roots to lift and topple trunk and crown)

9. large Gazebo in flood waters in Richmond TX as Brazos River and tributaries rise

10. POV driving shot of police helping residents prepare for evacuation as Brazos River rapidly rises toward neighborhood in Richmond, TX

11-14. Shots of MASSIVE fallen "Live Oak Tree" from oversaturated soil, which causes the roots to lift and fell the trunk and crown of the huge tree in Richmond TX. MORE LARGE TREES WILL FALL FOR THIS REASON ACROSS THE REGION FROM HISTORIC RAINS.

15. shot of car attempting to cross rapidly rising flash flood water in Richmond TX

16-20. shots of gas station, businesses and neighborhood flooded with water quickly rising in Richmond TX

21-26. shots of multiple vehicles flooded and stranded in deep rising flood water near Richmond TX