Epic visuals of the destruction in Houston, TX – 8/28/2017

Flooding continues in Houston:
Shots of damage after flood waters receded and continued flooding across South, West, and Central areas of Houston TX.

All footage shot during morning and afternoon daylight in Houston TX by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

1. shot of flooded neighborhood and submerged car in Meyerland neighborhood of Southwest Houston

2. pushed-in shot of man wading through flooded neighborhood in Meyerland area of Houston

3 & 4. shots of damaged car and stranded rescue boat with debris in Meyerland neighborhood after flash flood waters receded

5 & 6. shots of wrecked flooded and stranded vehicles on I-10 in downtown Houston after flood waters from Buffalo Bayou receded

7 & 8. shots of water spraying through manhole in south Houston neighborhood

9. shot of vehicles driving through deep flood water in south Houston neighborhood

10. driving shot of dump truck full of police officers enroute to help with flooding and recovery efforts

11. shot of storms and low clouds continuing to obscure the Houston skyline

12. shot of abandoned and flooded interstate freeways in downtown Houston with storms moving through

13. shot of Buffalo Bayou up to bridges in road continuing to flood in downtown Houston

14 & 15. shots of crews in downtown Houston pumping water from underground passages

16 & 17. shots of Buffalo Bayou flooding downtown Houston