Midtown Houston, TX Epic Flooding – 8/27/2017

Historic Houston Flooding: Cars and highways submerged, onlookers from bridge looking at submerged car, Brays Bayou resembles raging river flooding Midtown Houston flooding homes and vehicles. Flooded neighborhoods in Meyerland neighborhood of Houston.

All shots from afternoon and evening of August 27, 2017 in/near Midtown, Meyerland, and 3rd Ward neighborhoods of Houston TX by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

1. shot of stranded city bus and vehicles in several feet of water in Meyerland neighborhood of Houston

2-4. shots of large truck attempting to cross flood waters in Meyerland neighborhood

5. pushed-in shot of people stranded on Interstate I-45 ramp in Midtown neighborhood of Houston

6. pushed-in shot of submerged car on I-69 in Midtown Houston

7 & 8. shots of I-69/I-45 Interchange submerged under significant flooding in Midtown Houston

9. car completely submerged on I-69 in Midtown Houston

10. car mostly submerged on I-69 in Midtown Houston

11. panning shot of people on bridge looking down on submerged car on I-69 in Midtown Houston

12-14. shots of several cars submerged on I-69

15. shot of submerged I-69 and downtown Houston skyline in background from Midtown Houston

16-18. shots of I-69/I-49 interchange submerged under severe flooding

19-22 shots of Highway 288 submerged with water near bridge in Midtown Houston

23-28. shots of vehicles and homes flooded by Brays Bayou in Midtown Houston

29. shot of electronic sign "Turn Around, Don't Drown" over submerged Highway 288 in Midtown Houston

30. wide panning shot of raging Brays Bayou in Midtown/3rd Ward of Houston

31. pushed-in shot of pedestrians and traffic crossing bridge with raging Brays Bayou lapping underside of bridge

32. pushed-in shot of several vehicles flooded on edge of Brays Bayou in 3rd Ward neighborhood of Houston