Harvey Extreme Flooding and Rescue Pasadena TX – 8/26/2017

Shots of extreme flooding with coast guard rescue choppers dropping off people that were pulled from the flooding. Lots of B-Roll of vehicles that are flooded.
Shot Description

1). Severe thunderstorm / rain knocking out power.

2). Flooded road (Airport road off I-45).

3). Truck driving through flood.

4). Disabled SUV.

5). Shot of flooded side street.

6). USCG Bell212 Helicopter with rescue in progress.

7). Residents / woman in ditch, chopper taking off.

8). Flooded homes.

9). Roadway to Hobby Airport flooded, flights cancelled announcement.

10). Person stuck in ditch.

11). SUV's submerged in ditches flooded.

12). Whilpool in middle of street.

13). SUV abandoned.

14). View of flooded airport road.