Southwest Houston, TX Cleanup – 8/30/2017

Major cleanup underway in neighborhoods of Southwest Houston:
Piles of water damaged furniture, appliances, flooring, and drywall fill yards and curbsides as residents and businesses cleanup from devastating floods from Harvey.

All footage shot during morning daylight across Southwest Houston TX by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1 & 2. Sign in front of home, "U Loot We Shoot" in Southwest Houston

3-16. various shots of piles of furniture, appliances, flooring and wall material with residents in front of homes in Southwest Houston

17. pushed-in shot of residents walking down neighborhood street with clothing on hangers

18-20. various shots of residents belongings in front of Southwest Houston homes

21. driving shot showing damaged neighborhood fence from flood waters

22-27. shots of businesses cleaning up after flood damage, including shots of highwater mark on business

28 & 29. mattresses and other belongings piled in resident's yard

30. shot of debris caked to fence next to home next to Brays Bayou in Southwest Houston

31. shot of "high water mark" on home near Brays Bayou in Southwest Houston

32 & 33. shots of debris on fence and damaged garage door from high flood water in Southwest Houston

34. shot of 5-6 foot "high water mark" on garage door in Southwest Houston

35. pulling-out shot of trashcans and other debris crammed into bridge over Brays Bayou showing how high water reached to flood Southwest Houston