Arizona Haboob Package – 7/9/2017

A severe monsoon thunderstorm generates at two haboobs in south & central Arizona.

Shot Description

Shot 1 B-roll with FULL NATS of heavy rain and the wind near Santa Rosa, AZ
Shot 2 Tight B-roll shot of heavy rain and the wind near Santa Rosa, AZ
Shot 3 Wide shot of haboob moving west over the mountains near Santa Rosa, Arizona
Shot 4 Pan of the same haboob near Santa Rosa, Arizona
Shot 5 of Tight shot of dust covering the mountain while also reducing visibility near Santa Rosa
Shot 6 Time Lapse of a different haboob (generated from the same storm down by Santa Rosa) moving northwards towards the Phoenix, AZ metro area. This time lapse captures the storm crossing I-8.
Shot 7 Tight shot of the haboob moving across I-8 and the farming fields just south of the Phoenix metro area (Maricopa, AZ)
Shot 8 Medium shot of the haboob approaching the town of Stanfield, Arizona (just south of Phoenix)
Shot 9 Wide Shot of the haboob hitting Stanfield
Shot 10 Wide shot of haboob crossing a road between two fields just south of Phoenix, AZ
Shot 11 Tight shot of the wind and dust blowing across Maricopa, AZ (suburb within Phoenix metro area)
Shot 12 Medium shot of dust reducing visibility over the homes in Maricopa.