Minnesota Tornado Warned Storm & Vivid Lightning – 7/9/2017

Vivid lightning, hail and incredible structure from a tornado warned storm in Swift and Lac Qui Parle Counties in Minnesota. Final shot from Saint Cloud, MN of the storms from the back side.

Shot Description

The first clips shot in Swift County.
Clip 1 Tornado warned storm as the lowering forms.
Clip 2 Static shot of the tornado warned storm with epic storm structure.
Clip 3 Time lapse of the full video from clip 2.
Clip 4 Roof camera of the Tornado Warned storm structure.
Clip 5 Time Lapse of the full clip from clip 4.
Clip 6 – 8 Hail starts to fall as I get out of the path of the golf ball sized hail falling.
Clip 9 – 12 POV Lightning

The following clip shot in Lac Qui Parle County.
Clip 13 A thirty three second long clip of non stop lightning.
Clip 14 A ninety four second long wide angle clip of lightning that is close and non stop.
Clip 15 Time Lapse of the storm with lowering forming.
Clip 16 Major lowering with lightning that was reported as the wall cloud.
Clip 17 After dark non stop lightning. This is one raw real time clip, no jump cuts, just 23 seconds of strobe lights lightning.
Clip 24 The back side of the storm from Neva Andersen in Saint Cloud, MN.