Phoenix, AZ Monsoon Micro-burst Time Lapses With Lightning – 7/8/2017

Time lapses monsoon thunderstorms and lightning video captured within the vicinity of the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

Video Description

Shot 1: Time lapse of an isolated thunderstorm that developed just northwest of the Phoenix, AZ metro area near the very small mountain town of Sunflower, Arizona. This time lapse shows a wet microburst than becomes visible about 3 seconds into the video. At 6 seconds in you can see the rain foot curl as a result of the downburst. Then by 15 seconds in, the storm begins to weaken and start dissipating.

Shot 2: The time lapse begins at about 18 seconds. This was captured just SW of the Phoenix, AZ metro area at sunset. Like the first time lapse, some small downburst can be observed throughout the time lapse.