Ocean Springs, MS Flooding and SOT – 6/23/2017

This video is from after tropical storm Cindy on the Mississippi coast. Beach workers blading and picking up debris from the water also flooding still is a threat while the bayous are out of their banks here.
Shot Description

Shot 1. Tight shot. High water sign and MS DOT truck on hwy 57
Shot 2. Wide shot. Flooded bayou on road in residential neighborhood with street sign and flood current
Shot 3. Wide shot. Flood water around restaurant
Shot 4. Wide shot. Flooded bayou water on parking lot
Shot 5. Wide shot. Water level with sand on parking lot
Shot 6. Medium shot. Flood water current
Shot 7. Medium shot. Overflowing bayou
Shot 8. Medium shot. Barricaded road with sign at flooded road
Shot 9. Wide shot. Docks with channel water on parking lot
Shot 10. Wide shot. Debris on beach
Shot 11. Medium shot. Tractor removing debris from beach
Shot 12. Wide shot. Tractor blading surface and grooming beach
Shot 13. Wide shot. Shrimp boat
Shot 14. SOT with Ocean Springs Shrimp King Frank Parker